Your trip to Montenegro

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For my colleague Morgane, but others might find this helpful.

I have made a map of all places you can visit on your trip to Montenegro. I will make comments on some of the locations.

Dubrovnik / Croatia :

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Welcome to Croatia. Your plane has landed and now you can relax, no more meetings for the next 2 weeks. :)

When You get to Dubrovnik there are plenty of things to do in the old town. Walk around the old town, get some awesome pizza at Pizza Oliva ( or get some awesome seafood at Restoran Obala at Lopud island, its like 30m drive with a ferry. Really food wine and octopus there :).


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When you leave from Dubrovnik you will pass through Trebinje. It is a small town in the south of Bosnia and Hercegovina and it’s famous for its wine in Hercegovina. There Is also a 15-century-old monastery, called Tvrdos, a nice place to check out and go wine tasting. Also, try visiting Winery Andjelic, located by the river Trbisnjica, it has a natural vibe and atmosphere to it. There you can taste wines, prosciutto, and cheese and the host, Mr. Dragan will guide you through the experience.

If you want to visit one of the natural sights of Herzegovina, then it is certainly Vjetrenica Cave, the largest cave in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located between Dubrovnik and Trebinje.

And at the end of your visit, have a nice cup of coffee in the Old town near the Trebisnjica river.

Bay of Kotor

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I could write stories and songs about the Bay of Kotor, and there would probably be some legends that would slip in, some myths about the heroism of the old Boka people. But we will do it the second time you come to Montenegro. :) We will now focus on cities, Herceg Novi, Kotor, Tivat, Perast, captivated with beauty and adorn the bay with life. So let’s begin…

Herceg Novi

Once you come down from that hill coming from Trebinje, with a narrow road, worry not, because Herceg Novi is right around the corner.

Many swear that Herceg Novi is the most excellent city on the Adriatic Sea. Maybe for that reason, the vast majority who visit the town simply will undoubtedly return.

Full of flowers, palm trees, restaurants, and cafes, the promenade overlooks the blue sea, boats, and boats bathed in the sun, while the sound of waves and the smell of sea salt create a striking impression of a pleasant Mediterranean climate.

A promenade full of music, various scents coming from nearby restaurants and cafes, the smell of fish specialties, playful locals trying to entice you to enter their piece of paradise as they would call it. You will quickly make friends with the caterers, and get to try the local wine and fish specialty that day.

Not sure if you would stay there for a night or go further down south, but if you are staying, be somewhere close to the old town.

Walking along the strand is amazing like I said, having ice cream and enjoying the walk and the atmosphere. Beautiful. On your stroll, you can find nice beaches, like Žalo, near the Fortress, and close by there are really nice seafood restaurants. Climbing on the fortress walls and checking Belavista square and the clock tower is a must.

Another tower, Kanli kula is also nearby. This fortification provides the most beautiful view of the city panorama, sunset or boats anchored in the harbor.

If you are a fan of snorkeling or kayaking then you should head out to the Blue cave. You can either rent a boat and get out there and explore the cave as well as the surrounding areas. Or you can hop on a guided tour that leaves from Herceg Novi by booking in advance or walking down to the harbor to check out a private tour.

And if you want to get to know the culture and art of Novi, then go up to the Square. Countless stone steps (100,001 to be exact)and narrow streets lead to the height, as the city itself stretches. On the upper square of the Old Town is the beautiful Church of St. Archangel Michael , built of fine Korcula stone, in which the iconostasis of white marble was painted by the Czech painter Franjo Ziegler. On the lower square, you can enjoy the beauty of the Church of St. Jerome, the patron saint of the city, on the site of the former largest mosque from the time of Turkish rule.


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When thinking of old town, I think of Kotor. Being lost there for hours, even though it's not that big compared to Dubrovnik, it has a charm and feel to it.

Kotor is the most culturally rich Montenegrin city with cultural and historical monuments, old buildings, churches, monasteries, and other important and old places and buildings.

The most famous building that is a true representative and symbol of Kotor, as well as its rich cultural and historical heritage, is the Cathedral of Sf. Trifona, built in 1166 on the site of a pre-romantic church from the 10th century.

Visiting the cathedral and hidden alleys is something I really enjoy and if you are lucky you will see some of the locals singing in the narrow hallways of the old town. My best memories are made in Kotor, me having pizza in Oldtown with my dad or going to the fish market to buy some sea bass or fennel.

I recommend having like AirBnB there so you can go to the market and buy some awesome food to make for you and your family.

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Climbing on the Fortress above the city can be an amazing afternoon hike idea, and viewing the whole Boka Bay is beautiful.

Kotor also hosts a carnival, the famous Kotor Carnival is every year and very rich in content and is a great event for the family. Lots of music, dancing, flowers, songs will bring Kotor closer to your heart and you will forever feel like you are part of that city.

Tivat — Perast

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Tivat is just a 10-minute ride from Kotor and it's a really nice city but people now usually go to check out Porto Montenegro. It is a really fancy port with a shopping district near the marina and super expensive but nice and fancy if you like something like that.

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But my favorite thing is going where the big boat Jadran is parked (you can’t miss it) on the main square, and find someone with a boat to drive you around the Boka Kotorska, take you to Perast (, also visit Our Lady of the rocks island (

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It can be cheap, around 20E per person, and it is a 2–3 hour well spent.


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Now from there, you can go to Lustica, and that is the perfect place to stay at my opinion, and go around Montenegro from there. When I was a kid everyone you wanted to show off was going to Lustica/ Zanjice to swim and enjoy summer.

The beach there is called Zanjice and it is perfect for spending a day there. The turquoise color of the sea is mesmerizing and you are surrounded by pine and olive trees. Nearby is Mamula island, an old prison like a fortress. The Blue cave, I mentioned earlier, is nearby.

Dobrec is one of my favorite beaches in Montenegro also in the vicinity. Uvula Veslo is also good to check out.


More to come.

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